Next Consumer Generation

Your questions

  • What’s important to the young target group, today and in future?
  • How do the 18 to 30-year-olds in particular deal with digitalisation?
  • What are the hopes and fears of young people?

Next Consumer Generation: definition

A catalytic tool for understanding the special needs and expectations of young people when it comes to the future.

Next Consumer Generation: scope

Young people are for many brands a particularly popular target group. But also a challenging one, not least because they are especially heterogeneous with regard to wishes and expectations for the future.

The ‘Next Consumer Generation’ is an approach developed to decipher this heterogeneity within young target groups.

It uses our futures study Values & Visions 2030, which evaluates future value developments for Europe, the USA and China. Onto this we dock special Future Lounges with representatives from the young target group of relevance to you.

What you can expect:

Exclusive insights into the needs and expectations of the young target group, today and in future.

The benefits for you

  • Ethnographic deep dives into the relevant young target group
  • Validation of needs felt by Gen Y and Gen Z
  • Recommendations for addressing your specific target group