GIM foresight makes your brand fit for the future

GIM foresight advises you on future brand, target group and communication strategies.

We have ideas to help you plan your products and portfolio, and we can guide you through society‘s changing values.

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Values & Visions 2030 maps out the future

Our expertise when it comes to cultural foresight stems largely from the universal futures and values study entitled Values & Visions 2030.

It maps out the future and traces changing attitudes and values within society on the basis of key megatrends.

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GIM foresight solutions transfer knowledge to your brand

Our solutions link futures research with market and brand research. Our analytical framework, comprised of different modules and concrete product offerings, enables us to transfer our knowledge to your brand. This puts us in a position to advise how shifting social values impact on your sector in general and more specifically on your target groups.

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Case studies und success stories make our work tangible

GIM foresight upholds the 25-year-old heritage of GIM futures research.

We advise numerous companies on future strategy and make our own contribution to this academic discipline.

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Our experts are here to advise you and conduct research on your behalf

GIM foresight synchronizes future research and market research, with the help of experts who are at home in both disciplines. The team is supported in the exchange of content and academic ideas by a network of partners from the field of futures research.

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