GIM foresight Whitepaper
Sustainability & Brand Management

Accompanying Consumers in Times of Transformation

Sustainability counts as one of the fundamental change processes of our time. Almost all relevant areas of society are affected by it–and with it our consumer behaviour. 

The world is more intertwined than ever before–the Corona pandemic has shown us impressively what this can mean and what effects it can have.  Future solutions will be accordingly complex. And it also seems certain that the issue of sustainability will become a formative factor for future economies and corporate contexts.

The GIM foresight whitepaper expands your consumer understanding in this phase of transformation. The subject matter accompanies you on the way to more sustainability or sustainable brand management.

The paper is based on a representative survey conducted in spring 2020 (Germany). The focus is on consumer attitudes and perceptions of sustainability in various industries.

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The Subject:

The study can be roughly divided into two parts: On the one hand it is about reasons for and against "sustainable consumption". On the other hand, it is about the extent to which industries and brands are perceived as sustainable.

Industries in Focus:

  • 15 industries with six brands each were examined in detail
  • Benchmarking of 90 brands
  • Industries examined: Fashion, telecommunications, automotive, aviation, personal care & cosmetics, household appliances, retail, confectionery, online & mail shopping, finance, electrical machines and tools, milk & dairy products, detergents & cleaning agents, pharmaceuticals, energy

If you are interested in the reports of the detailed industry deep dives, please contact our GIM foresight team.

Research Questions:

"Sustainability & Brand Management" answers the following questions, among others

  • Why should a brand act sustainable at all?
  • What are the reasons for and against sustainable consumer behaviour?
  • To what extent are industries and brands perceived as sustainable?
  • Why is the need for sustainability only reflected to a limited extent in lifestyle?
  • What "types of sustainability" are there?
  • and many more

Your Benefits:

  • More consumer understanding in a phase of transformation
  • Levers and barriers on five dimensions of sustainability
  • Seven general recommendations for sustainable brand management 
  • Deep Dives for your industry: On request we will gladly send you our industry deep dives!

Target Group:

The study addresses, among others, executives in the fields of market research, marketing, brand management and corporate strategy from nearly all industries. For 15 industries we have conducted detailed industry deep dives.

Key Facts About the Study:

  • CAWI Interviews via Online Access Panels
  • Region: Germany
  • Sample: Representative population 18-69 years
  • Survey period: January / February 2020
  • Number of cases: N = 1,500; 200 cases per industry
  • Interview length: 20 minutes

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