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The Black Swan COVID-19

The Future After Corona

The current pandemic has brought fundamental changes to everyday life in a very short space of time: from shopping with mouth and nose protection to increased work from home and the growing digitalization of payment behavior.

Undoubtedly, this disruptive experience will leave collective traces in the attitudes and values of the population.

GIM foresight's in-house study therefore looks at the framework of human behaviour: the value system. The study takes a long-term perspective in order to be able to describe the re-adjustment of expectations and fears in the consequence of the corona pandemic and its effects on the value level.

The study is based on the future and value study "Values & Visions 2030". The statements in the "Black Swan" are based on a population-representative survey with a total of 2,001 respondents (1,000 in April and 1,001 in June 2020) and a qualitative deep dive for the food and finance industries.


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NEW! Update Summer 2020

Much has changed from the shutdown at the end of March to loosening in the summer. In a second survey, the research experts of GIM foresight have therefore validated the results from April.

In June 2020, 1,001 interviews were conducted again. By extending the number of cases to N = 2,001, the study results will be rendered even more robust.

The Subject:

The study examines the extent to which the corona pandemic will influence people's value structure in long-term and also provides orientation as to how brands will have to be redirected as a result.

Research Questions:

"The Black Swan" pursues four major research questions:

  • What effects does a global crisis like the Corona Pandemic have on people's values?
  • How do hopes, desires and expectations change for the future?
  • What can be deduced from a changed understanding of values for the future (consuming) behaviour of people?
  • How strongly do the relatively short-term restrictions effect life and the more long-term economic consequences?

Traget Group:

The study is directed at persons responsible for brand, marketing and corporate strategy from all industries.

Your Benefits:

  • The information from this study serves as a control element for brand strategists.

  • This gives you an indication of how consumers are developing in the current phase of uncertainty and which values are gaining or losing importance

  • The study contains evaluations of likely and desirable scenarios

  • You receive precise takeouts for the following areas: 
    Responsibility & hedonism, egoism & cooperation and algorithmization & re-localization

Key Facts About The Study:

  • CAWI Interviews via Online Access Panels

  • Region: Germany

  • Sample: Representative of the population aged 16 and over

  • Survey period: April 2020 (10 field days) / June 2020 (6 field days)

  • Number of cases: N = 2,001 (April N = 1,000 / June N = 1,001)

  • Interview length: 20 minutes

  • Industry Deep Dive Finance: 12 qualitative in-depth interviews (2h each); Industry Deep Dive Food: in-house expert workshop

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