Value Simulator

Your questions

  • Which values and attributes important for my brand today will still be so tomorrow?
  • What could serve as differentiating features in the event of our current USP losing its relevance?
  • How will major shifts in values affect the self-image of my brand?

Value Simulator: definition

A quantitative check to see how and to what extent your brand is likely to change given the coming social innovations.

Value Simulator: scope

The way your brand is perceived depends to some extent on the interplay between your value proposition and your target group’s core set of values. Value Simulator is a tool that analyses this interaction at value level.

The quantitative approach links the identity of your brand with the future development of your target group’s values. It uses our futures study Values & Visions 2030 as a basis from which to evaluate how values in Europe, the USA and China will develop in future. 

We test the future-proofness of your brand and simulate how it’s likely to react to social change. Our approach allows us to check your individual KPIs for sustainability.

What you can expect:

Feedback on the fitness of your brand for the future and concrete recommendations for future brand communication.

The benefits for you

  • Early warning system for threats to your brand from coming social change
  • Ways of differentiating from potential competitors
  • Linking of the value level with our brand values